1.UMVIM is an approved United Methodist ministry.

2. The mission projects are vetted and screened.

3. Volunteer teams can continue their relationship with the project site they served at via The Advance and missionaries.

4. All are welcome to serve.

5. Training, forms, insurance, etc. available

6. It's simple. Contact umvimwj@hotmail.com to get started!

Faith in Action

Faith in Action

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Haiti relief efforts continue via UMVIM, UMCOR, the Red Cross, and other relief organizations. Please read update below on how you can volunteer. Photo courtesy, cnn.com.

Special Work Camp Opportunity at Day Spring UMC, Native American Fellowship, East Peoria, IL (June 19-25)

Construction / Landscaper Workers needed!

Day Spring UMC, Native American Fellowship, will host a week-long workcamp June 19 - June 25 to help move this church-build project along! Workcamp participants will work Monday through Thursday noon on various projects. Most projects will be landscaping and outdoor work. There will be an outing Thursday afternoon to Mounds State Museum (a very large archaeological museum) with a cultural evening presented by the Day Spring congregation.

Team Leaders needed!

Early Bird cost is $35 per day (early bird rate) or $165 for the week. Those registering after June 14 will pay $40 per day or $200 for the week. This covers food, a small project fund, and a place to lay your head (cots or camping options). You will be informed what to bring for tools and bedding, etc, once you register. Youth and adults are welcome. Bring a team from your church!

Educators needed!

Friday will offer a series of workshops on current Mission work of UMVIM teams, cultural understanding and information to help future UMVIM teams go forth to work in mutuality wherever their project is.

Your Vacation Bible School (VBS) ideas are needed!

We would like to compile a workbook of VBS ideas for use in a cross-cultural setting. If you have curriculum or VBS class ideas you have used, please send them to
Lorna Jost before June 10.

Friday Workshops will include:

1. An introduction class on how short term mission teams can have long term positive effects. (Jane Dunn),
2. VBS in cross cultural setting (Singing Bird Ballard),
3. Current Native American issues (Danny Lybarger),
4. Liberia Covenant, Illinois Great Rivers (Bunny Wolfe),
5. Haiti UMVIM response update (Lorna Jost),
6. Chile UMVIM response update (Mario Mayer),
7. Afternoon session: practical applications and teaching techniques for adult learners in cross cultural settings. Topics include clean water, sustainable farming, women's issues, etc. (Jane Dunn).

This event is sponsored by the Day Spring UMC (Rev. Dan Lybarger, pastor), the teachUM steering committee and the IIlinois Great Rivers Conference!!
Register below to reserve your place for this workcamp.
Register Now!

Thank you for your interest in this event! I look forward to meeting you in Peoria in June!


The UMVIM Haiti Response website, umvimhaiti.org, has been set up through a coordinated effort between all five jurisdictional UMVIM offices, the General Board of Global Ministries, and UMCOR. On this site, you will find all applicable information about traveling to Haiti through UMVIM, including contact information for the UMVIM Haiti Scheduling Coordinator, Susan Meister.

Also detailed on that site is information relating to the Haiti Response Plan staff, both in Haiti and in the US.All news regarding UMVIM's efforts in Haiti will now be posted on this site, and all teams will be scheduled through it.


Basic relief needs for most communities have stabilized and communities are beginning to focus on short term needs assessments and continuing cleanup. We are still scheduling ERT's to help us find and serve areas that are just becoming more accessible and folks who've been missed in the process.

Our needs and available placements will vary week to week, but knowing teams can be on standby for specific dates is INCREDIBLY helpful. For the 42 counties declared in the Memphis and TN Conferences, FEMA is currently working on inspections related to 22,000 households, which would include minor, major, or total destruction. After today, registration for ERT's will be handled differently than the link that was provided last week.

Initial inquiries should be sent to DisasterResponse@tnumc.com. Once we've received that contact, we will email instructions and an electronic registration form.
Please stay safe and look for future updates by email listserv and at

Cleaning Bucket Requests--We've distributed 2,800 buckets so far and have now replenished our supply with at least 1,500 on hand here at the office and in Murfreesboro. Please call if you need to pick some up.

If you need a large number delivered to your church, please email us by the end of Thursday if possible, so we can work out delivery schedule for Friday and Saturday.DisasterResponse@tnumc.com or 615-695-2765Long Term Recovery--Even as many communities that flooded later are still in relief work, trying to stabilize coverage of basic needs, some are beginning to look at the long term recovery, which will likely be as long as 2 years in some areas.

For those churches and communities an important first task will be to gather local leaders from faith communities, civic organizations, and public officials to commit to working together for the long haul. Given notice, FEMA will provide someone to be there also. Same for me, as well as, before or after such a meeting. With that commitment, first tasks
1. Make every effort to have everyone register with FEMA and Red Cross.
2. Once FEMA registered, education on need to fill out SBA Loan application that is received in mail (additional grants or loans from FEMA only available after this form has been filled out)
3. Initial assessment of needs and followup on those needs (cleanup, temp housing, etc.)
4. Rapid pulling together of key community partners and getting the LTR Committee/Organization in place

I'll be traveling around as best I can to share more information on this with you all, but please contact me if you have questions. Early next week we'll have downloadable LTR manual and sample. Jason Brock, DisasterReponse@tnumc.com, 615-695-2765.Early Response Teams--We've have already been working with or are soon arriving, 8 Early Response Teams from our Conference and others. While much cleanup remains, it will be hard at any given time to know where, when, or how much as we have communities affected over several hundred miles. We don't have a lot of persons experienced at seeking out the homes that have been missed, so teams have to help communities in that process.

Some areas will be easy to connect with work, but as we move forward there will be more detective work involved. If you have a precise estimate of when you could arrive, please register Online

Please stay safe and look for future updates by email listserv and at http://tnumcrelief.blogspot.com/

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Doug Nagle has been hired to work as the Haiti Financial/Host Consultant. Photo courtesy, umvim-ncj.

The new website is now available. Please go to www.umvimhaiti.org for information valuable to taking teams to Haiti!

Susan Meister reported that after 3 weeks of operation, she has helped facilitate 91 teams for Haiti already!

Doug Nagle, has been hired as the Haiti Financial/Host Consultant. Doug is the other "go-to" guy in the Haiti office. He will work with Mike Willis on the details of volunteer deployment, especially team orientation and support, and financial details.Nagle has over fifteen years experience working in the humanitarian assistance and emergency relief field in both domestic and overseas settings. He has worked in both the public and the private sectors, in a variety of positions.

He holds a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) with concentration in Disaster Science and Management from Louisiana State University's Ourso School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Studies and Political Science from Ashland University. Nagle has recently been working as a Station Manager for the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Disaster Response, Grand River, helping those affected by hurricane Gustav recover from the devastation. Douglas has a wife and son and resides in Baton Rouge. He attends St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Prairieville, LA. He is brushing up on his French.


This opportunity for nurses just came across my desk. I do not know anything about the organization but lift it up for you who are interested to check out. Bayada is looking for experienced registered nurses to travel to Haiti for a minimum of four weeks to assist with relief efforts there. Bayada will cover the cost of all travel, living expenses, and inoculations. Many of the supplies you will need in Haiti will also be provided. Be aware that this is a volunteer effort, and you will not be paid for your time. Even if you are not an RN, you can help by mentioning our relief effort to any nurses you know. All experienced RNs are welcome to apply. Contact Employee Relations Specialist Cheryl Kendra with any questions you may have or call 401-272-3375.


Cleaning buckets help in the recovery after a flood or hurricane. Photo, courtesy, umcor.org.

Chile is ready to begin accepting teams following February's 8.8 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Specific needs are listed below. For more information, and to schedule your team, contact Denise Soto, UMVIM coordinator for Chile, at denise_178@yahoo.com.

Santiago: Four teams needed. Three churches need repair. Methodist Church of Parral: Three teams needed.Methodist Church of Linares: Many teams are needed to rebuild the parsonage and the sanctuary.Methodist Church of Penco: Four teams needed. This church needs to rebuild a wall around the Parsonage that was washed away by the tsunami.Second Methodist Church of Temuco: Three teams needed.


After torrential rains and flooding stormed through Tennessee at the start of this month, UMCOR Sager Brown shipped more than 10,000 cleaning buckets to four distribution sites in "The Volunteer State."

The spring storm season already has affected a fistful of states in the US South. Tornadoes in Arkansas and Louisiana and the record-setting rains in Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi and Georgia have taken lives and wreaked havoc on communities. Tornadoes tore through Oklahoma on Monday, May 10, and reportedly left five dead and 58 wounded. They also caused damage in Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Severe weather warnings remained in effect for Tuesday and Wednesday, May 11 and 12.

Cleaning buckets and other relief aid remain in short supply. Click here to learn how you can assemble and send cleaning buckets. And please give generously to US Domestic Disaster Response, Spring Storms, UMCOR Advance #901670.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Flooding in Tennessee. There is an urgent need for trained volunteers. Please see below....Photo courtesy, reuters.com.

A new website is now available for information about Haiti. Please go to www.umvimhaiti.org.


Team members needed for an UMVIM Cuba Team, meeting in Miami on Oct. 11th, leaving for Cuba on Oct. 12th. and returning on Oct. 22nd. The cost is $2250.00 from Miami. The team will be working on seminary housing. Because being a team member on an UMVIM team to Cuba is a prerequisite to leading a team to Cuba, this is a great opportunity for potential team leaders to get valuable experience.Interested missioners should contact team leader Rob Monolo at cmonolo@oag.state.va.us or (804) 690 - 2792.


UMVIM/UMCOR-trained Early Response Teams (ERTs) are urgently needed in the Tennessee Conference in response to recent flooding. Please visit this page and indicate precise estimate of arrival, departure, team size, and contact information. Teams who previously provided information to the Tennessee Conference are requested to re-enter information into the form to save on data entry.Most work is flood clean-out, and many churches are offering sleeping space and kitchens.
For more information on this disaster, please visit

Monday, May 10, 2010


Damage done during earthquake in Mexicali, Mexico April 2010. To learn how you can help please read below. Photo courtesy, telguone.com.


Greetings and I come with an opportunity for service this summer in North Dakota. The GBGM Missionaries at Spirit Lake Reservation have a "Travelling Vacation Bible School" during June and July.

There is a small van available for 2 or 3 people who will visit at least 7different churches during these 2 months - basically leading VBS. All materials for the school are provided as is gas for the van. Housing will be provided in the churches and food by the church members.

There is no stipend for this placement. If you are interested please let me know and I will then put you in touch with the folks there.Thanks Nancy -- Nancy EubanksConsultant - Individual VolunteersGlobal Ministries 731-772-0458 or nteubanks@gmail.com

Haiti Team Scheduling and Other Haiti News

Teams may register for serving in Haiti through Susan Meister. Details and information can be found on the first edition of the Haiti UMVIM website to be launched this week. Currently that link takes you to the UMCOR page on the GBGM site.

Please let Heather Wilson at umvimwj@hotmail.com
know of Haiti teams that are already registered, ready to register, or just forming. There are numerous good volunteers and team leaders waiting to join teams to get the requisite experience in Haiti before leading their own team. A great way to increase our outreach to Haiti is invite members who can return with their own team in a year or so. Please send team dates, team leader with email address and phone number, and the conference you are from.

Remember the first work to be done will consist of rubble removal/deconstruction, medical assessments and Vacation Bible Schools. The schools are closed due to building damage. Building engineers are reviewing building standards for the best possible way to rebuild as needed by the Haitian people. Keep in mind the goal is to work with the people of Haiti and to help them with their needs. Please consider scheduling into the fall and certainly into next year and beyond.

In addition, the UMW School of Christian Mission study on Geography is Haiti for 2011. If you have some information about your projects or stories about children in Haiti and are willing to follow up on it - please contact Delia Halverson.

She writes: I am honored to have been asked to write the 2011 children's mission study on Haiti for the Women's Division of the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries. I am beginning to compile the information I need and will be writing it over the summer. Do you (or someone in your church) have any stories/experiences with Haiti that you think would be helpful in such a study? I'm particularly interested in stories that tell about the daily life of children in Haiti (school, food, religion, etc.) as well as information related to the mission projects that children can support to help the needs of these children.

Of course, I will also write about the impact of the 2010 earthquake on the lives of these children, so stories or information on what you (your church) have experienced with this will also be helpful. I'm sending this out to all those on my Christian education mailing list. If you know of someone else who might be helpful to me in this writing, please forward this to them. http://www.deliahalverson.blogspot.com/


From Murray Hawkins, President, U.M. Joint Commission for Church Extension/Hands Across the Border, (909)793-5171

Rev. Felipe Ruiz, District Superintendent in the area most affected by the recent series of earthquakes and aftershocks in the Mexicali area has sent me his description of the damage to the area and the following summary of the needs that he found on a trip this past Sunday to the church nearest the epicenter: "I invite you to pray and join our efforts to help our brothers (and sisters) in faith, who in addition to our prayers need food, bottled water, toilet paper, feminine napkins, items of personal care, candy to bring a little joy to the children, more blankets, tents and later on, rebuilding of some homes.

But above all, they need our most fervent demonstrations of love." When you hear news reports of aftershocks shaking Southern California, remember that the big quake and those that follow are centered in Mexico. It is almost like the news reports are suggesting that the shocks that we are feeling don't take place south of the border. In fact, that is where the main damage has been done. In fact, even the smallest aftershocks appear as terrifying events to those who went through the "big one" on Easter Sunday, sending them running into the street in fear.

Many are afraid to go back into their homes or places of business. In Mexico, this has been, and continues to be, a terrible and traumatic event. The UM Joint Commission is the Cal-Pac Advance Special that handles this sort of assistance to the Methodist Church of Mexico. Any of the things above are needed now, and will be for the near future. On behalf of the Joint Commission/Hands Across the Border, I would like to ask that your church pray this coming Sunday for our brothers and sisters in Mexico and I would also ask that you begin to collect some of the requested items.

Please call me and let me know what you are doing. I will arrange to have the items picked up and taken to Mexico. Donations for "Earthquake Relief" should be sent to:Joint Commissionc/o Rev. James F. Oliver13340 Del Monte, 4DSeal Beach, CA 90740-4556

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Building damaged in Chile earthquake. Mission teams are needed, please read below....

Individual Volunteer to Hope School – Bethlehem, Palestine: March through June
Yvonne Turner of Grass Valley - Sierra Pines UMC will be serving as a teacher at the Hope School in Ramallah, Palestine.

Kit & Relationship Building Team to the UMCOR West Depot in SLC, Utah: May 8-16 Judy Church of First UMC - Modesto leads a team to the UMCOR West Depot to build relief kits. A list of team members was not available at the time of posting.

National UMC Team to Haiti: May 9 - 22
Phil Bandy will join the National UMC Team to Haiti which will be making assessments in preparation for future UMVIM teams.

Wesley UMC of San Jose Team to Puebla, Mexico: May 16 - 23
Jackie Kawashima leads a team back to Mexico to continue medical consultations, construction work and and other connectional ministries. She will be joined by Mona Otomori, David Brown, Nadezda Brown, Desiree Fuentez, Kelli Kawashima, Don Kawashima and Jeffrey Oldham of San Jose - Wesley UMC.



We would like to start with the motto of the Volunteers in Mission, which says
“Christian Love In Action.” Everything we have to say, this motto has been quoted as reference.

Since June 2001 when Betty and I started caring for the Front Porch Orphans of Zambezi as Missioners of Hope for the Children of Africa, we nurtured these AIDS Orphaned children with Hope to believe that what God has started in their various lives is going to be permanent.

We built a strong relationship with them and our love to them was in a real action. We forgot our own needs in extent to use our monthly pay from GBGM to meet all their needs.

We made life together as family, every day we stayed beside the FPOZ, we carried them in our heart as our own.

It is true that we made a promise to the children that the work God has started in their lives was permanent but we knew a very big challenge was forge ahead. Our term of service with GBGM as Missioners of Hope was not permanent.

In 4 years we kept our promise, but the harmony life together with the FPOZ could not continue because GBGM ended our term as Missioners of Hope in March 2005.

Painfully, we were preparing to go back to our home country Congo D.R. The FPOZ, Betty and I were sinking back into desperate condition, as we had no any alternative by then.

As we were all crying, God in heaven heard our cry. He sent Volunteers in Mission from US to Zambezi to rescue us all from sinking into hopelessness.

When the couple of the Volunteers in Mission arrived in Zambezi, they were messengers of Hope. We all felt strong to see them in Zambezi, and were encouraged by their Love and commitment they put in action.

They identified the areas in which the FPOZ needed their support. They made a promise to develop a deep relationship with them. From January 2005 to date, we are experiencing the True Love in Action from these volunteers in Mission.

In 4 years, the visiting Volunteers in Mission have been faithful. They have been working hard to allow many churches, individuals in US to know the Front Porch Orphans of Zambezi and to be aware of what the FPOZ needs are. Their commitment to keep the promise has helped the FPOZ to have a shelter today.

Truly, this is the kind of the Volunteers that the Front Porch Orphans of Zambezi need.

Last year’s commemoration of HIV/AIDS world day in Zambia was under the theme: “Leaders keep the Promise, Fight HIV/AIDS”
We believe that this theme is also very important to the FPOZ. They need people who keep the promise to make sure their needs in various areas are met.

The United Methodist Church in Zambezi at large and the Front Porch Orphans of Zambezi in particular have highly regarded many brothers and sisters and friends abroad. Every day, we appreciate your prayers and your gifts.
We also appreciate those who have visited us so far in Zambezi for the past 4 years. And also those who are planning to visit us.

From us,
Pastor Bernard & Betty Lumene and the FPOZ.

NEWS FROM CHILE RE: EARTHQUAKE & NEEDS by John Elmore, Global Ministries Missionary

First Glance

After the Earthquake on the 28th of February, everyone was in sort of a whirlwind of confusion. Yes we have had earthquakes in the past, so that part was not new. No, we had not had an Earthquake of this Magnitude ever. I was in Angol, with my wife where I work as a missionary with General Board of Global Ministries.

My first concern was for the well being of my immediate family. Safety, water, food, ect; . Then, I was concerned with the well being of a VIM team group that I had, whom the night before had left to go on a weekend tour of towns to the South of Angol. We had no phone communication; I did not know the extent of the damage. The only thing I knew for the first half of the day, was that my wife and I were all right, my neighbors were ok as well.

The dust had settled, and the first day communication was starting to leak in,. Although we had no electricity and water for a week, people started to try and survive the best that they could. Living in the Country, a lot of people have water wells that are not depend on electricity. People had some food resources.
We in Angol learned of the extent of the major damage to the west of us on the Coast, Major town of Concepcion , second largest City in Chile. We heard of the terrible destruction, and then the aftermath of a Tsunami..

“Lord here our Prayers”

At First glance, or passing glance the destruction did not appear to be so bad, there were noticeable cracks in walls, roofs that were clay tiles had slid off. Buildings that were made of Adobe fell down. This kind of damage is expected of an earthquake of this size. Buildings that were seemingly structurally sound did not crumble. I expected to see a lot more visible damage at First glance. It is when you look closer; it is when you take the time to see the more penetrating damage that has occurred.

“Lord here our Prayers”

Buildings have been condemned, in Angol they are tearing down whole city blocks. This is the same in all the Earthquake affected areas, from Santiago to Chillan, to Linares, Parral, Concepcion, In Dichato and Penco where the Sea rose and took away not only houses and back yards, streets and businesses , but memories of family times, of Church outings of a life that at one time was a peaceful existence in a small fishing coastal town. Now the Pastor and his Family from the Methodist Church in Penco live in the Church, because they were washed out of there home by a tsunami..

“Lord here our Prayers”

After a First Glance, you see Methodist Church communities in Los Angles Chile, a membership of 140, the largest church membership of the whole Region gathered a small classroom numbering maybe twenty., needing the comfort of their Church community family but still scared to come out of their houses because of the daily aftershocks.

“Lord here our Prayers

The Methodist Church of Angol, whose long lasting presence over eighty years sitting on one of the tree lined four corners of the downtown Plaza in Angol.

The building has been condemned. What an awful sounding word “condemned”. Well it does describe the feelings of the membership of this Church community, seeking , hoping for a light in the night. As the days pass, they have come to accept the fate of there beloved church building. The Building has to come down. They have no money to do this, it is a big building, the estimate for this destruction is about twenty thousand dollars. The members have done everything they can do themselves, now they wait for the funds to come in .

“Lord here our Prayers”

The Methodist Church community, when they saw what was going on, they responded immediately. All Methodist Churches through out Chile had special collections to help their brothers in the South Central part of Chile, Clothing , Blankets, food, water was sent to those areas.

‘Lord here our Prayers”

On May 8th, a group of Methodist Men from the North, Iquique will be traveling to Linares to help build a house for the Pastor, so that he will have a shelter before the winter rains come. The Bishop has asked me to go and help this group. I will travel there with my wife and stay for the duration.

‘Lord here our Prayers”

Peoples lives have changed, the physical effect is more obvious and somewhat expected after an Earthquake of this magnitude. The physiological effect goes a little deeper. This condition needs to be looked at and handled more delicately. We as a Christian community here in Chie intend on taking this very seriously.
This condition if not treated by care of the Church and people just like you and me, Can and will have a more lasting effect than the damage structurally of a building. It is for this reason. We need your help.. Please talk to your Churches, and pray about ways that you can join us here in Chile to rebuild.

“Lord here our Prayers”

Mission teams are needed, not just to rebuild the damages that were left by the earthquake, but to come together as a Christian community extending you hand saying here I am, your neighbor, your sister and brother, asking what can I do to help you. Your mere presence will build a stronger, more lasting foundation for recovery that is much needed.

After meeting with all the Superintendents and the Bishop two times . We have ( the Methodist Church of Chile) found that a major part of the reconstruction, due to its extensive damage is going to have to be done by professional s.. We have a list of the different churches that need VIM teams..
We can start accepting teams any time.

This need is urgent, because winter is approaching.
· Santiago -

There is a need for four Groups,
Three Churches are in need of Repair

· Methodsit Church of Parral-
This church will need 3 work teams. A group of Methodsit Men from the Southern District of Chile will go work in October for three days.

· The Methodist Church of Linares-
Many teams are needed to rebuild the parsonage and the Temple

· Methodist Church of Penco-
This church needs to rebuild a wall around the Parsonage that was washed away by the tsunami, Four Groups to this area.

· 2ND Methodist Church of Temuco-
Three teams will be able to do the repair work on this church

Lord here our Prayers.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Rev. Jason Brock, Disaster Response Coordinator for the Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church, reports that flooding is widespread in the Nashville area and elsewhere in that conference. Rev. Brock is specifically requesting UMCOR-trained Early Response Teams. UMCOR ERTs who are interested in working in Tennessee are requested to contact Rev. Brock at JBrock@tnumc.com. Please include information about the size and ability of your team.


VIM Mission to Nicaragua June 14-23 2010Bob and Regina Elgin are looking for two or three more adults to join a VIM mission trip to Nicaragua this June 14 -23rd. We work primarily with the Metodista (Methodist) churches and marginally with Fabretto Familia Associacion (Jesuit) ministries. This particular "Volunteers In Mission" trip is focused on the children of several of these communities. You will get a feel for the situation in Nicaragua (the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere behind Haiti) while meeting such loving and giving people of this diverse Central American country. The total cost is $1500 of which $100 goes directly to the ministries. The trip is tax deductible with all fees, insurance, food, lodging and transportation included. Air fare is based on Dayton, Ohio, so may be more or less depending on your departure city. If you are interested in knowing more and serving the Lord in this manner, please contact Bob and/or Regina Elgin at 884-3553, or via email rrelgin@comcast.net.