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Faith in Action

Faith in Action

Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Entire coastal towns underwater. Millions without power. A paralyzed New York City. Damage that can't even be tallied until the water recedes. Yet within the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy, The United Methodist Church is offering sparks of hope.

Joseph Ewoodzie, disaster response coordinator for the New York Conference, was, by the hour, naming more and more communities with what he calls "major hits" by Hurricane Sandy. "Long Island has been devastated," he said. "In Connecticut, Fairfield and Bridgeport were hit really hard. People are rowing boats down the streets."

But as Ewoodzie received calls reporting new damage, he also received news that churches were opening their doors to evacuees, checking on communities, and praying for people who will go home only to find they've lost everything.

In Shelton, CT, where power outages were spotty, the Shelton First United Methodist Church was open for people without power to charge their cell phones and simply touch base, as severe pockets of damage were revealed, said the Rev. Heather McClendon Sinclair, pastor.  "We are using Facebook as a tool for communication, and it has done quite well for us," she said. "Aside from opening up the church, our response at the moment is to use a call list we put together before the hurricane to make sure everyone is okay. After tonight into tomorrow, when the waters recede, we will be stepping up the cleanup response."

As requests streamed in for UMCOR's cleaning buckets and health kits, Ewoodzie wished to remind people that recovery in his state will be going on long after Hurricane Sandy leaves the headlines. "The real ministry awaits us in the months, and even years, to come," he said. "Let us stay with the affected people until they recover. Let them feel confident that we will stay with them until they make a healthy, holistic recovery."

In New Jersey, many evacuees were still out of their homes, said Carol Brozosky, an Early Response Team leader. "The barrier islands are just completely destroyed," she said, "and across the state, the damage is so severe and so spread out that it's difficult at this point to name the worst-hit communities. But clearly the coastal towns really bore the brunt."

UMCOR has issued $10,000 emergency grants to the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, Greater New Jersey Conference, New York Conference, New York Disaster Interfaith Services, and the North Carolina Conference.
Even as the US. reeled from the storm, Haiti and other Caribbean countries in the storm's path were also struggling to recover. The United Methodist Church was helping to meet the needs of storm survivors in Haiti, where Hurricane Sandy killed 51 people.

Because of UMCOR's support and emphasis on disaster preparedness, response in Haiti was strengthened, reported UMCOR’s head of mission in Haiti. "I think organizations based in heavily affected areas were able to respond with what they had on hand—which is good news that preparedness planning is helping to mitigate some of the storm effects," she said.

But needs in Haiti—as well as in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and Jamaica—are serious and ongoing. As communications increase, UMCOR continues to support its local Caribbean partners as they meet the needs of hurricane survivors.

Help bring hope to those in Hurricane Sandy's path. Please donate to UMCOR US Disaster Response, Hurricanes 2012, Advance #3021787 . You can also text the word RESPONSE to 80888 to give an immediate $10 donation.
*Susan Kim is a journalist and regular contributor to www.umcor.org.
Photo courtesy washingtonpost.com

Monday, October 29, 2012



The deadline for the Transformers retreat is this coming Thursday, November 1, 2012 and it is fast approaching. We are looking to have youth from every mission area and need your help to recruit and encourage your youth to attend. The cost of the event is $85, we are suggesting that the youth pay $35 and the church or mission area pay $50.
Transformers is a retreat for youth in leadership and youth leaders to learn about a particular topic and put together a program to bring back to the church and local community to help transform the world.
This year’s retreat will focus on Wesley’s tenet of “Do No Harm”, we will be looking at the topic of bullying and putting together programs to help educate others about bullying and help to eradicate it.
Please see the attached brochure and application. For more information go towww.calpacyoungpeople.org or contact Erin Foellmi at efoellmi@cal-pac.org or 626-568-7360.

Hurricane Isaac Teams Needed in Mississippi:Teams are needed for roofing, drywall and other home repair. Affordable housing through Camp Love ($15/day) is available as well as at several churches. Teams will need to be self sufficient and ready to contribute toward the cost of materials. Inquiries should be directed to Beth Dean, Mississippi Committee on Relief Program Coordinator at: disastercenter.msumc@gmail.com or beth@mississippi-umc.org. Calls can be made to 1.866.435.7091.

UMVIM Team to Cuba Needs Volunteers:
Hyde Park UMC is leading a team to Cuba and has open spots. Dates of trip at 2/23-3/2/2013. Flight will be from Tampa to Havana. For more information, please email Drema Muller at

UMVIM Team to Haiti Needs Volunteers:
Epworth UMC is sending a construction team to Fond Doux, Haiti to repair damaged areas after Isaac. Dates of trip at December 9-15, 2012. For more information, please call Ed Cerne at 919.408.6359.

Northern Colorado Long Term Recovery Group Needs UMVIM Volunteers:
Need volunteers who are willing to work with tree removal, road repair and winter preparations of private residences that were affected by the High Park and Estes Park fires over the summer. For more information, please email Nancy Boswell at

UMVIM Team Needs a Nurse Anesthetist:
Dr. Young Choi is planning a cataract surgical mission to Honduras January 5-13, 2013 at Hospital Loma de Luz in Balfate. He needs a nurse anesthetist to complete his team. Please email Dr. Choi at

College and Young Adult Mission Camp in January:
M25 Mission Camp in Marietta, GA is hosting a MLK Weekend Camp to serve downtown Atlanta. Students and Young Adults will work with the homeless and also will serve in a soup kitchen. There will be a worship service each night. For more information, please check their website:
www.m25camp.org and contact Gabe Barrett at gabe.barrett@mtbethel.org.

Monday, October 15, 2012



The Northern Colorado Long Term Recovery Group is looking for UMVIM volunteers who are willing to work at tree removal, road repair, and winter preparations of private residences that were effected by the High Park and Estes Park fires this past summer. They are requesting that a VIM work team be available to work October 25-27. For anyone interested in leading a team for the October date or for a future time, they should contact the following individual:

Nancy Boswell
Christ UMC
301 East Drake Rd.
Fort Collins, CO 80525


Photo:  High Park fire blazes near homes, courtesy coloradodaily.com.  Fire is out but there is need of repairs.