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2. The mission projects are vetted and screened.

3. Volunteer teams can continue their relationship with the project site they served at via The Advance and missionaries.

4. All are welcome to serve.

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6. It's simple. Contact umvimwj@hotmail.com to get started!

Faith in Action

Faith in Action

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jamaa Letu Orphanage; Individual Volunteer Training; ERT Training; My Story from Mexico City;UMVIM to the Holy Land; Hurricanes

Photos: Children at Jamaa Letu Orphanage (top), courtesy pnwumc.org; plaza in Mexico City (middle), courtesy travelblog.com; Devastation from a hurricane (middle), courtesy umvim.info; and City of Bethlehem (bottom), courtesy holyland.com.

Online Donations Now Possible for Jamaa Letu Orphanage in Congo
It is now possible to make an online donation to the Jamaa Letu Orphanage in the Congo.
To make a donation to this special place that receives much support and love from those in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, simply go to www.pnwumc.org.

Individual Volunteer Training for Those in the Western Jurisdiction, June 2009
Interested in becoming an Individual Volunteer? Come to the training event held at the beautiful Aldersgate Retreat Center in Pacific Palisades, CA June 25-28, 2009. For more information about the program and this training contact Landon Taylor at ltaylor@gbgm-umc.org or Nancy Eubanks at nteubanks@gmail.com.

ERT (Early Response Team) Training In Rocky Mountain Conference
If you feel called to be an ERT or Early Responder volunteer after a disaster then you must receive training. There will be an ERT training in the Rocky Mountain Conference Center in Denver, CO April 25th from 9:00 am to 5 pm. For more information, please contact Betsy Keyack and/or Ann Fort, the Rocky Mountain UMVIM Coordinators, at bkeyack@att.net and annfort8269@comcast.net. If you want to have a training in your annual conference contact Heather Wilson at umvimwj@hotmail.com and Barbara Tripp from UMCOR at barbaratripp@earthlink.net.

My Story: The UMVIM/UMCOR Consultation in Mexico City, by Chuck Kriegh, PNW UMVIM Task Force
This meeting was very meaningful for me as I really only knew about the VIM from the standpoint of being a Team Leader to the Chihuahua City region of Northern Mexico. I believe the thing that most impressed me was the time we spent in dialog with the other participants. The list of people from South America, Central America, Mexico, Cuba, Caribbean Island and of course the Untied States was very impressive to me. To be able to meet with people doing what I have spent 12 years doing was very rewarding to me.

I learned that when when we do things with and in those countries with less resources we don't always do good. Sometimes, we can do great harm even though we have good intentions. As Americans we often have the attitude that we "can fix it" and that we know what is best. But the reality is that the greatest blessing behind UMVIM is not the clinics, churches, hospitals built or the wells dug, or the immunization shots given. These are all important and great. However, what is greater than this is the building of relationships in Christ. My Latin American brothers and sisters told me that what they loved most about the work of the volunteers was the opportunity it gave for all of us to connect, learn about one another from one another, and share what Christ and done in our lives.

I also learned that there is an office at Global Ministries that is just dedicated for watching out for the safety of children who are minor volunteers and/or at an UMVIM site. This office is headed by Joanne Reich and she gave a great presenation at the consultation.

In addition, I found out about how volunteers can financially support their UMVIM work through The Advance for Christ and His Church. Many of the sites teams serve at are also Advance sites and can receive 100% of your donation. So even if you cannot go on a team you can support their work and ministry through The Advance.
Finally, I received information about the Individual Volunteer program which allows an individual to serve for 2 months to 3 years as a volunteer. There are places all around the world that are requesting individuals that often will provide room & board and/or a small stipend for your service.

When I was on the plane ride home along with Debra Conklin and Heather Wilson, our minds were full of ideas to make UMVIM an even better and more effective ministry in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the Western Jurisdiction. My heart was full of love for my Latin American brothers and sisters and I am renewed and inspired to continue to the work God has called each of us to do for His honor and glory.

UMVIM Team to Serve in the Holy Land
The group will depart on December 28, 2009 from Sacramento and return January 13, 2010. Rev. Tana McDonald is leading this tour assisted by Rev. Don Lee, and Rosann Mackey.
While in the Holy Land, you will prayerfully participate in strengthening our UMC peace and justice connections. You will live in Bethlehem, at the complex of the Basilica of the Nativity, interact and worship daily with Palestinian Christians and Muslims. Our group will visit Deheisha Refugee Camp, Hebron/Christian Peacemakers, Lutheran Christmas Church/numerous mission projects. We will have a suitcase ministry and deliver much needed children’s medicines/school supplies to HOPE Secondary School.

On January 6th you will leave the walls of Bethlehem and move to Jerusalem. In addition to sacred site-seeing we will worship with our Jewish brothers and sisters at the Wailing Wall and meet several Israeli Peace activists and justice partners.

Lastly we move on to Jericho and up to the Jordan River to reaffirm our baptism before heading to the Sea of Galilee, Mt. of the Beatitudes, Capernaum and Nazareth. Our lodging will be on the Sea of Galilee at a lovely, peaceful spiritual retreat center.
Estimated cost (including lodging, 2 meals daily, [except for one dinner at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem]) is $4000. Applications are available now. Get your passport if you think you would like to join us. Orientation and educational meetings will be held at Sierra Pines UMC on Saturdays: September 26th, October 24th, and November 21st, from 11:00 AM-3:00 PM. Plan to make at least two of the meeting to be eligible to go.
Our most important mission work is connectional--meeting Israeli, Palestinian and Muslim peacemakers.

If you would like more information on this trip, please contact Rev. Tana revtana@gmail.com Taylorsville/Greenville/Chester UMC, (530) 284-7316, or Rev. Don Lee at revdonlee@gmail.com Sierra Pines UMC(530) 268-6907, or Rosann Mackey at rosann.VIM2009@gmail.com (530) 272-6566.

Volunteers Needed for Hurricane Recovery Work
If you plan to take an UMVIM team or go yourself, please do not go before contacting the Disaster Response or Storm Recovery Center. They are coordinating all response efforts and will direct you appropriately. Early Response Training is needed ! See your Jurisdictional UMVIM website for upcoming training sessions.

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