1.UMVIM is an approved United Methodist ministry.

2. The mission projects are vetted and screened.

3. Volunteer teams can continue their relationship with the project site they served at via The Advance and missionaries.

4. All are welcome to serve.

5. Training, forms, insurance, etc. available

6. It's simple. Contact umvimwj@hotmail.com to get started!

Faith in Action

Faith in Action

Thursday, May 5, 2011



North Alabama:
-For the latest information from the North Alabama Conference Disaster Response to April 27 storms please visit
www.northalabamaumc.org/storms2011-Also the North Alabama Conference Disaster Response Center is now open.
The toll free number is 855-862-8657.

Alabama West Florida:
-Suspending requests for teams into the Alabama-West Florida Conference for the time being- Are in serious assessment and rolling into recovery, but don't have final framework in place-
-Will be ready to receive outside teams in a couple of weeks.
-Watch for an email requesting help at that time.

North Georgia:
-For the latest information regarding their response, please check:
http://www.ngumc.org/ with current updates.

-For updates from Rev. David Newton and guidelines for teams, please click here:

To Donate:


Please visit the North Carolina response website for updates.

All twelve districts in the NC Conference suffered some storm damage and in five districts there are areas of extreme damage. Volunteer Emergency Response Teams are needed in several areas. These are the first responders who have been trained and certified for such initial response.

The NC Conference has activated a disaster response coordination center at the MERCI Ministry Center. We immediately need volunteers to help with the telephones and coordination effort. If you have an Early Response Team and would like to help, contact the MERCI Center
Storm Response, 888-440-9167 or 919-739-9167.

Also contact the MERCI Center if you have an UMVIM team who would like to volunteer once we move from the initial response phase to the long-term recovery phase. Please leave your contact information, your skill levels, your equipment capacity, and any other information you wish to tell us. We will contact you and direct you to the area requesting the team. We will have a form listed on our website for this information in the next day or two.

MERCI Center Storm Response has Immediate Needs listed on their


CARE-A-VANERS Team to S.L.C. Utah UMCOR Depot – April 30 – May 14
Rod Castor leads and serves with Gloria Castor of Sunnyvale - Trinity UMC, Ina Tanner, Marv Tanner, Elaine Hill and Gene Hill of Campbell - Campbell UMC, Susie Caudle and Lynn Caudle of Grass Valley - Sierra Pines UMC, Jeanne Murchie and Jim Murchie of Manteca - St. Paul's UMC.

Los Altos / Palo Alto Team to Haiti – May 8 - 16
Leslie Carmichael leads and serves with Angela Eglen, Mike Polanski and Katie Polanski of Los Altos - Los Altos UMC and David Carmen of Palo Alto - First UMC.

HAITI: Aug 5-13, 2011. Team leader Don Henry of Burlington, IA, 319-752-2357, is seeking three adult Christian US citizens to serve on a 10-person work team in Haiti as part of the UMVIM Haiti Response Plan.Costs: $1,650.00 per person (many congregations help with funds). One extra person with medical skills would be very welcomed! Deadline: extended to May 13.

HUNGARY, Kurtospuszta: July 15-24, 2011. From Central UMC, Lenoir City, TN. We have a mission team going to Hungary and our focus will be working with the Roma by providing a Vacation Bible School camp in the morning, English lessons in the afternoon, and evangelism in the evening. There are also plans to build a 300 meter long fence around the property. We are looking for 8-20 volunteers. To learn more about this opportunity, please contact Linda M. Carty at or 434-594-4938. The cost is $1,950 per person. The cost includes, air fare, insurance, food, local transportation and accommodations.

LIBERIA, GANTA Hospital: January 2012. In conjunction with the Bishop's 3Cs Mission (East Ohio) a medical mission trip is being planned to Ganta Hospital in Liberia for late January 2012. The exact dates are pending, but plan for a 10-14 day trip costing about $3,000. It will be led by Laurie Joyce, R.N., Rev. Dr. Tom Joyce and Dr. Brent Burkey. We are working with the administrator and physicians at Ganta Hospital outlining specific training projects for the staff and community outreach clinics.

LIBERIA, Camphor Mission Opportunities: 2012. Brochure attached. Contact Mentor UMC UMVIM Coordinators for an application. Also with East Ohio's Bishop's 3Cs Mission.

SENEGAL - Senegal Mission Initiative: January 12-22, 2012. Senegal is located on the most western part of Africa and is the size of South Dakota. The Senegal Mission is an initiative of the General Board of Global Ministries and is in need of volunteers. The teams will be general and will aid in repairs to the conference center, construction of a fence and revival services in a new area, work with the mission's prison ministry and health teams as well as meeting women helped by the micro-finance program. Cultural events include a trip to Goree Island and Bandia Game Reserve. Team size is 10 members and we are welcoming all who are interested in a great spiritual experience in a country known for its welcome of strangers. Known for its dynamic culture, friendly people, warm climate and its nickname "Africa for Beginners", Senegal is a secular state with 96% being Muslim. It is ideally located less than 6 ½ hours from New York and offers everything that makes Africa unique in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment. We will work alongside Senegalese with a goal of empowering the already established church leadership. French is the official language but translators are available. For more information contact Karen Ujereh, 504-782-7773 (cell). Karen is the Mission Interpreter in Residence (MIIR) for the North Central Jurisdiction. Brochure attached.