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3. Volunteer teams can continue their relationship with the project site they served at via The Advance and missionaries.

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Faith in Action

Faith in Action

Monday, June 13, 2011



Nicaragua, Oct 13-22, 2011. Our next medical trip needs both medical people and helpers. Cost of trip $1500.00. Contact: Teresa Miller - rbkids@yahoo.com, W MI.

UMVIM trip to San Jose, Costa Rica to the Biblical University ofLatin America February 20 - March 5, 2012 Leaders: Donna and Glenn Waltman of Oregon-Idaho Conference. The project is to work on completion of apartments to be rented so theuniversity can build student family housing with the income.

The UBL is a combined mission of the GBGM and the Presbyterian Church in America.Started in 1923 to provide church training for local people, it hasexpanded to include people of all faiths in Latin America. Studentsstudy at satellite locations all over Central and South America and cometo the university for their last year of study.Cost: approximately $1400 plus airfare. Contact the Waltmans at dgwaltman@juno.com or call 503-622-3226


Immanuel Lutheran Church, Joplin, Mo., needs medical volunteers now to serve at the clinic the church has been operating at Martin Luther School since the devastating May 22 tornado.
Maggie Karner, director of Life and Health Ministries with LCMS World Relief and Human Care (WR-HC), shared the following information about volunteer needs at Immanuel, which is providing food, water, clothing and medical care to the battered community. Because the church (
www.immanueljoplin.com) depends on volunteer medical professionals, Rev. Gregory Mech, Immanuel's pastor, and church leaders issued an urgent appeal for doctors and nurses licensed in Missouri or NCLA (Nurse Licensure Compact Administrators) licensed compact state nurses.

Doctors in the areas of primary, family and general practice medicine and nurses licensed in Missouri who can donate even a day or two can play a crucial role in keeping the medical clinic open and available to the community. The clinic is administering tetanus shots, doing wound care and addressing respiratory distress caused by airborne debris from tornado rubble.

The Nurse Licensure Compact allows a registered nurse (RN) and licensed practical/ vocational nurse (LPN/VN) to have one multi-state license in a primary state of residency (the home state) and to practice in other compact states (remote states), while subject to each state's practice laws and discipline, Karner said. For more information go to
https://www.ncsbn.org/nlc.htm. Physicians and advanced practice registered nurses are not included in the Nurse Licensure Compact. It is not recommended that physicians practice outside their specialty area without additional and specific liability insurance.

Medical professionals interested in donating their time at Immanuel are asked to register with Lutheran Church Charities, an LCMS Recognized Service Organization in Addison, Ill., which is coordinating volunteers. Please visit
www.LutheranChurchCharities.org to register and specifically note whether you are a doctor or nurse. Or call Lutheran Church Charities at 866-455-6466.