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Faith in Action

Faith in Action

Thursday, March 29, 2012


A disaster response construction team is being formed to help repair or replace private homes
destroyed by a tornado in the Henryville, Clark County, Indiana area. Your
efforts can help rebuild family lives by putting people back in their homes where they belong.

We need your help!
Prayers, payers and players can help by:

Praying for a safe and successful effort,

Donating to help pay for team expenses,
building materials and supplies, or

Joining the work crews and being one of the

The Tornadoes Effects

On Friday, March 2, 2012, dozens of tornadoes blew through the Midwest and the South, flattening homes and businesses, disrupting power and communications utilities and killing
about 320 people in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia,
and Virginia.

The monster multi-vortex EF-4 tornado with winds up to 175 MPH which ripped through
Henryville, Indiana left several people dead and others reeling from the
damage. Most news media carried the story of the mother and father that were killed in their house while their infant child was blown into a nearby field where he was found but later
died. The tornado destroyed 30% of the three-school complex in Henryville and heavily damaged the rest, leaving about 1.200 students, over a dozen of them now homeless, without classroom space.

Many TV news programs showed photos of school buses pushed into buildings or otherwise wrecked. Three days later, heavy snow fell which severely hampered the clean-up efforts.
There are many stories from the twisters. The high school band teacher’s car was found
inside the library. A dog was rescued alive from house rubble several days later. Jeremy
Sweeney helped his neighbors evacuate before the tornado hit. A woman and her daughter protested but decided to leave their home at his insistence, and the house was later blown off its’
foundation and came to rest about 70 feet away.

A man one street away died, but everyone on Jeremy’s street survived. As the team
prepares for this year’s mission trip they will host several fund raisers: an
“eat out dinner” at Fresh Choice on Monday, April 16; a concert with Sonoma
Chanson in our sanctuary on Sunday, May 6; another “eat out dinner” at Mary’s
Pizza Parlor on Monday, June 11 and the family BBQ at Stony Point on Saturday,
August 25. We hope you will support us
in these efforts and donate generously.

How to sign up:
If you are interested in joining the team,
pick up a brochure on the welcome table or check us out at the FUMC website www.fumcsantarosa.org

Then come to the informational meeting in the Carriage House on May 15 at
7:00 PM. Registration forms and a $100 deposit are due by June 19.