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Faith in Action

Faith in Action

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



Greetings –

The United Methodist Joint Commission sponsors annual work teams to Baja to work on local churches and homes in the surrounding communities. We count on volunteer help and donations. This summer has been what can charitably be called a challenge, both in identified needs and in obtaining the means to meet them. I’d like to enlist your help. Any help, of any kind, will go a long way to help us reach our goals.

I just got back from my pre-trip to the San Quintin Valley where we looked at a number of projects that we will work on this summer. There are four houses to re-roof. There is a house to build from the pad up – it burned down a few months back and the family is living with friends in a neighboring town. These are all in the village of Jaramillo, a town of about 175 houses.

We desperately need people to help us with these projects. Even a small group is a big help. The cost is $255.00 per person. This covers the cost of food, insurance (UMVIM), program, and some of the construction materials. However, money is never a reason for someone to stay home!

In addition to people, we do need funds to purchase what the participant fees do not cover. Generally, this is about a half of the cost of materials and runs between $4,000 and $5,000. We need your prayers, too. We are gone between July 25 and Aug. 14. Please keep us in your prayers from now until we return.

Just down the highway a ways is Camalu, a much bigger town. They suffered quite a bit of damage from the floods last winter. One home is still uninhabitable. It has a partial concrete floor and the rest is filled with dry mud. The walls are not weather tight. The kitchen has been stolen. It needs a lot of work to make it livable.

The next project in Camalu is the home of an elderly couple. She is as delightful as she is tiny! He has severe arthritis and is wheelchair bound. Their daughter who took care of them died, leaving them with her children to raise. Their house needs a lot of work to be weather tight. She complains about how cold it gets in winter. That means insulating and dry walling.

The last house is also in Camalu. It is very small, just over 100 sq. ft. The man who lives there has severe back problems and has to raise himself with a sling that he has rigged. Then somebody places a board behind him so that he can sit up and watch TV all day. His attitude is wonderful. However, his house has a dirt floor, no windows and the interior walls are made of cardboard boxes. It needs to be made larger and windows installed so that he can see more light inside. He also needs a new mattress, perhaps one with a waterproof cover.

I hope that you can talk to a few people who will join with us to make this happen.


Murray Hawkins, President
UM Joint Commission/Hands Across the Border
Mexico Mission Project