1.UMVIM is an approved United Methodist ministry.

2. The mission projects are vetted and screened.

3. Volunteer teams can continue their relationship with the project site they served at via The Advance and missionaries.

4. All are welcome to serve.

5. Training, forms, insurance, etc. available

6. It's simple. Contact umvimwj@hotmail.com to get started!

Faith in Action

Faith in Action

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Team members needed to Haiti. Please read below and read for updates for teams forming from the WJ. If interested in joining a team going in 2011, contact Heather Wilson at umvimwj@Hotmail.com.

Louisina VIM is still scheduling teams to do VBS or youth sports camps in the communities effected most by the oil spill. We presently have two slots available for July 12-16. Teams are invited to use materials from their own congregations VBS to effect greater stewardship of this material. All teaching materials, craft supplies and VBS snacks and team meal supplies need to be carried in by the team due to the increased population in these areas as well as demand on local supplies and distance to markets. Each location can house up to 20 volunteers. LAVIM suggests a gift to the hosting church to cover utilities and housekeeping. Teams should bring their own bed rolls or linens and towels. Showers are provided as well as kitchens for teams to prepare their own meals. Youth are welcomed on these teams. Please contact Larry Norman, LAVIM, 225.346.1646 or LduckN@aol.com if you wish to schedule.


Iowa - Flood recovery in Eastern Iowa is still going strong in Oakville and with Block by Block in Cedar Rapids and is NOT closing down! Oakville has brought back 177 residents with a goal of bringing back 300 - that's inspiring. They have a vision to rehab 25 homes in 5 years. For volunteer information, contact Tanya Lantz at 319-759-7685. Cedar Rapids, Block by Block program is also working hard to rehab flood affected homes. We currently have 19 blocks signed on for a total of 253 homes, approximately 85 are currently being worked on. Volunteers are STILL NEEDED! Our greatest need is for semi-skilled or skilled volunteers this fall. Registration for volunteering can be found at www.stormrecovery.org or www.blockbyblockcr.org.

New York - Gowanda and Silver Creek flood recovery - a flash flood in July 2009 devastated two villages south of Buffalo NY. They are in the rebuilding phase and need additional teams. Contact the Tri-County Disaster Recovery office at 716-254-1783 or 717-766-1533. Housing is available.

Oklahoma - From Rev. Richard W. Norman, Disaster Response Coordinator: In May2010 Oklahoma was struck again with devastating storms. These storms included tornados which damaged or destroyed over 1400 homes and businesses. These tornados were followed a week later by a record setting hail storm which packed hail ranging from pea size hail, which stripped siding from houses like shredded paper, to softball size hail which broke thru roofs and ceilings. In addition homes had thousands of broken windows and many people were caught stranded on the roadway in their cars while the record hail totally damaged their car around them. FEMA has set up five Disaster Recovery Centers so far and the information for the Long Term Recovery efforts are just now beginning to come to our office. The early numbers are indicate this recovery will take some time to help victims affected by those storms as they rebuild their lives. Volunteers are will be needed to help with this effort in the coming months during Long Term Recovery. Volunteers should be 18 years of age or older. Housing may be available upon request. Contact Persons:
Richard Norman, 405-530-2032 or Lori Foster, 405-530-2070.

Tennessee - From Jason Brock, Disaster Response Coordinator: Currently we are in transition from cleanup to rebuilding, expecting to need teams from late summer through the next 18 months to 2 years. Across 28 declared counties, we are expecting upwards of 2,400 long term recovery cases, many involving construction. We are currently putting together our team info packet, team size, age restrictions, forms, etc. for rebuild teams. However, interested churches can go ahead and make an initial inquiry to
DisasterResponse@tnumc.com and we'll provide them an initial registration form. We will post periodic information at TNUMCRelief.blogspot.com and will soon have an email newsletter available. Our disaster phone line is 615-695-2765. All disaster communications should be sent to DisasterResponse@tnumc.com so copies of correspondence are shared among the Conference Disaster Response Team.

Texas Annual Conference - Needs lots of long term recovery teams in July, Aug. and Sept., 2010 for Galveston/Houston - Verronda Flanagan, 832-370-3099. Director of recovery, Eddie Hilliard, 713-417-7536.


Deirdre Garvey / Pat Toschak team to Haiti July 26-Aug 1 has room for several more future team leaders if they are willing to return to Haiti with their own team within a year. Contact Deirdre Garvey with your interest. 651-779-2700.

I currently have openings on a scheduled August 17-25, 2010 UMVIM Team to Haiti, coordinated by the Alabama-West Florida Conference. The team will be lead by Rev. John Fox, Auburn UMC, Auburn, Alabama, who has extended experience in Haiti. If you know of someone, particularly a potential team leader, who is looking for a team, please contact
Glenn Glover ASAP.